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€ 0.05 recupel

Special edition of Android 4.0 with Google Play adapted for E Ink® display let’s you access millions of apps, e-books and customize reading experience the way you like it

Faster than previous generation – Onyx BOOX M92 Black Pearl. Modern processor and more RAM memory provide quick response while using intensive Android apps

Nearly 20%amp; longer battery life than previous generation – up to 12 000 page turns

Bluetooth 4.0 (LE – Low Energy) – comfortable documents editing with wireless Bluetooth keyboard. Send files from your PC to your e-book reader

History feature uses your reading speed to let you know how much time is left before you finish your book

Friendlier user interface – with greater focus on reading experience. Get to the recently added and read books in a second

Multiple choice of reading apps – open e-books with the apps you like and love e.g CoolReader, FBReader, OnyxReader and others

pre-installed Google Calendar app allows you to transform Universe e-reader into a big e-paper calendar

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€ 0.05 recupel

Android 4.0 with Google Play let’s you access millions of apps and e-books e.g Amazon Kindle or Google Play Books

E Ink® 6.8 inch ULTRA HD display with highest resolution yet (1440 x 1080) makes text and images look sharper than ever before

Powered by IVONA™ – world-class text-to-speech system – listen now on wireless Bluetooth® speakers

Improved battery life – up to 18 000 page turns

Next generation built-in light, read comfortably without eyestrain

History feature uses your reading speed to let you know how much time is left before you finish your book

Comfortable documents editing with wireless Bluetooth® keyboard

Dictionaries powered by QuickDic. Over 75 dictionaries ready to download on demand

Advanced PDF reflow technology displays a multi-column document in one column which can make it much easier to read

Supports most popular e-book and file formats like: PDF, EPUB, MOBI and Microsoft Word documents

€ 115.51
incl. btw, € 0.15 bebat,
€ 0.05 recupel

Tweaked display technology gives the screen a new fresher look. Higher contrast means white and black colours are more vivid

Access millions of apps, e-books and more on Google Play. Customize reading experience the way you want it

Efficient Dual-Core processor. E-reader works and boots up faster than ever before

New hardware makes battery usage more efficient and less demanding. You get longer battery life doing the same things you used to do. Up to 8 weeks on a single battery charge

With multi-touch gestures you can easily enhance your e-reading experience. Touch the screen with two or more fingers, and then move the fingers toward each other or away from each other to make text bigger or smaller

Create online backups of your e-book collection with Midiapolis Drive. Upload & download files within seconds with fast Wi-Fi connection

Read your favorite news sites, blogs, RSS subscriptions comfortably on a e-paper display with Midiapolis News Reader

Android 4.2 optimizes memory and improves touchscreen so that it responds faster and more accurately than ever before

… and much more!

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